Bum sex, why can't I do it?!

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Bum sex, why can't I do it?! Empty Bum sex, why can't I do it?!

Post  Roads007 on Fri Nov 25, 2011 1:20 pm

I've tried to have 'bum sex' with my GF as she calls it, but every time as we get close to doing it I go soft; we would be making out me hard as can be, than I grab a condom and few seconds later it's back to square one...(I can usually bring him back, but don't try again after). I don't understand why that happens. I'm the one who wants to do it and she's ready, but it's like 'he' has a mind of his own and doesn't want to obey... Does/Did this happen to anyone else?? How can I overcome this??

btw I did try it with another girl one time and I *didn't* have that problem, but I was kinda drunk (we did it on a side and slowly) if that makes a difference.


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