Sucking during and after sex?

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Sucking during and after sex? Empty Sucking during and after sex?

Post  Roads007 on Fri Nov 25, 2011 1:19 pm

My new partner loves to give head, the best I've had actually. She also is quite multiorgasmic and wet to the point I don't pick up enough friction to finish too fast. That is fine for me, never in a rush. What is weird is during sex, before and often after she has her first orgasm or two she'll stop and start giving me a very deep sensual blowjob. Eventually we resume. This goes on repeatedly. I've NEVER seen a woman suck a guy clean in the middle of sex, let alone experienced it. I know this HAS to be a rarity. She says she's quite comfortable with the way she tastes. When I do finish, often in her mouth and she swallows, she'll have her tongue in my mouth. I feel I really have no choice given what she volunteers to do, though it is a bit weird. All in all I see this as a great experience and see zero drawbacks despite it being in the bizarre zone. Guys - Ever had this happen? Any drawbacks? Girls - Have you ever done this, or is it just too weird?


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